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group text messaging


Apologies if this is a really stupid question.

However, please can someone tell me why when I send a text message to a number of contacts, their responses come back to me individually and not to all the recipients of my original text?


I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - in case that is meaningful!

The setting is 'chat' messages - I wonder if this should be set to text/multimedia messages instead?


Many thanks yous




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Grand Master

Re: group text messaging

@bb96 : SMS is not email. Each is sent individually 1 to 1. There is no distribution lists

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by bb96 Investigator

Re: group text messaging

Thank you for your response.


I used to be able to send a text to multiple contacts and get their responses so that all the others on my original text could see the response.


Is it no longer possible to send a text to a group of people and everyone see the responses from the individuals as they reply?

EE Community Support Team

Re: group text messaging

Hi @bb96


Welcome to the community.


It could be that some of the recipients are using phones that don't support your phone's chat service.


You can get third party apps where you can chat across platforms.




by bb96 Investigator

Re: group text messaging

Thank you Chris. I thought I was going mad - I am sure that this never used to be a problem. I am concerned I do not have the correct settings in the message app - I switched it to text/mms messages (samsung note 8 ) thinking this would enable me to receive group responses within the chat -  only to find I have racked up £6 out of plan charges sending test messages to a group! I have now reverted to the 'chat' setting hoping that this will remedy the out of plan charge thing. Many thank yous again for responding. Much appreciated.

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