by Danielle123489

Why has my texting been suspended?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Why has my texting been suspended?

Hi @Danielle123489 


Are you on PAYG or pay monthly?


Have you tried restarting your device?



To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
EE Community Team

Re: Why has my texting been suspended?

Hi @Danielle123489,


Welcome to the community 🙂


Are you still having an issue sending texts this morning?


Did you try @Northerner  advice?


If you are still unable to send messages if you can give us a little bit more information around this we can help further.



Alex 🙂



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