by AMarks

Text messages

I'm receiving messages from EE numbers but not any other numbers, any help? TIA

by Star Contributor
Star Contributor

Re: Text messages

Hi @AMarks 

how long have you been unable to receive other texts? Are you able to send them and make/receive calls? 

What device do you have ? X

by AMarks

Re: Text messages

It's been over the last 2 days since I got my number changed I can call other numbers but they can't call me only EE numbers can call or text me and I have a Samsung Galaxy A80.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Text messages

Hi @AMarks


Thanks for coming to the community.


Have you tried restarting your device?


If so, give us a call on 150 we will be able to get this looked into for you 🙂



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