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Sending Picture Messages on EE

This post will tell you everything you need to know about sending picture messages on your phone. 



Will I be charged for sending picture messages?


You will be charged if you send a picture message, for the latest prices see our pay monthly price guide or the pay as you go price guide.



Can I buy a picture message add-on to save money?


Yes you can, to buy an add-on just log in to your My EE


Once you're logged in, select Plans & Add-Ons and then Get Add-Ons.



My phone can’t receive pictures, how do I set this up?


For most phones, you can download the settings needed from our online set up tool.


If you're an iPhone user and you're having difficulty setting up picture messaging, please see the About iMessage and SMS/MMS Apple support pages.



Why have I been charged for sending a text message?


There are times when you might be charged the cost of a picture message when you thought you were sending a free text within your allowance. 


This may be because your text includes a non-standard smiley or symbol such as an emoticon or emoji.  


Depending on what device you are using a text message with an emoji included may be converted into a picture message, which is chargeable.


Some devices may also convert a text message into a picture message if this is over 160 characters.


This isn't something that EE or any network controls, as it's down to how your device works, but it's straightforward for you to change this.


Full information can be found on our will I be charged for sending an Emoji/Emoticon post.


Do you have any questions? tap on 'reply' below and let us know.


by fredphoesh Investigator

Re: Sending Picture Messages on EE

Soon you will not get charged for sending Emoji/Emoticon/Bitmoji on EE because GOOGLE have shown EE the finger and ( I LOVE IT!! )  we will be able to send RCS messages with photos, documents, emojis etc etc for free using Google's Messages app. EE have been greedy, ignoring new technology that only Vodafone in the UK have been open to. EE have unfairly allowed these nice, free elements in iMessenger for apple phones, but not for Android phones! So thank goodness Google has put an end to that, and by the end of this month All android users in the UK and France will be able to send RCS messages for free. No thanks to EE.

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Sending Picture Messages on EE

You love the fact that google let companies do what they want?


I've sent pictures before and not been charged it's called whatsapp. Doesnt cost me a thing.


Get it. You'll thank me for it.


RCS is too late into the party.


Google are not saving your they created it.

BrendonH (Android Expert) Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Pie 9.0)
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by MichaelFlack
New Member

Re: Sending Picture Messages on EE

I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 and these aren’t on the setup list. How can I access the settings, please?

EE Community Support Team

Re: Sending Picture Messages on EE

Hi @MichaelFlack 


Our Tech Gurus will be able to help you get your picture messaging up and running.


Let us know how you get on.



by wf
New Member

Re: Sending Picture Messages on EE

if i get the picture messaging add on will i be able to cancel anytime ?

EE Community Support Team

Re: Sending Picture Messages on EE

Hi @wf


Welcome to the community.


Yes, it would be removed from your next billing date.



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