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Picture messages

I am not sure what a picture message is and which App I am using that is causing the 54p charge. Maybe I am being a bit thick or old (57) but was not aware I was sending such. The archive suggests EMOJ's (no idea what that stands for) so is that part of whats app or just via the text messages I send.


If someone could just clarify how I am sending these I can reduce the charges. Thanks

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Picture messages

You dont get charged for sending anything over WhatsApp.


This charge is for MMS so pictures over your normal messaging app. texting.


 text would convert to MMS for a few reasons.


1. You are sending a picture or file like a sound file or word document

2. You are sending emojis which is those smiley faces etc.

3. You are sending a text longer than 160 characters long.

4. You are sending a mass text to several people at the same time.


I hope this helps. 


All MMS is chargeable on EE.

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