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MMS text

After I sent my mum a written text message, she’s with Asda mobile, she’s received this message “I've sent you a Photo/Video Message. Go to message is valid for 7 days” and there is a second message reading “A Photo/Video message was sent to you but couldn't be delivered. A notification on how to view this message will follow shortly. Your password is: ...” 

all I text her was ‘thanks, it’s for Disney’ and then she’s received the above message from EE. This is the 2nd time I’ve sent her a simple text message and she’s received one of these. Why is she getting them ‘from me’ when all I’ve sent is a few words?? We’ve both got iPhones 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: MMS text

Hi @Sarah104 


Are you both using iMessage? 


Did you send an emoji?



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by Sarah104

Re: MMS text

Yes and I checked, the message was sent and received as an iMessage. No emoji’s sent.

All I sent was

‘Thanks, it’s for Disney xxx’ 

I can’t remember the text content that I sent a few weeks ago when it happened then as well. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: MMS text

Hi @Sarah104.


Welcome to the community.


I'd recommend not following that link as it doesn't seem to be the correct one to receive MMS messages on EE.


I'd recommend ignoring or deleting the message if possible.



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