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I cannot receive verification codes (via SMS) to my new phone.

I took out a contract last week with EE and ported over my existing number to my new device (iPhone XS). After a few days this was completed successfully, however I am unable to receive verification codes (whatsapp, banking apps etc) via sms to my phone. I have contacted EE several times and have been told that it is a security and fraud prevention measure, but there is nothing they can do. I find this pretty baffling as looking online it is a issue experienced by numerous customers - when I pointed this out to the tech support worker I was on the phone to he denied that there was an ongoing issue and again said that there was nothing he could do. I struggle to understand how this is an issue that cannot be resolved, given that it is a problem with the network if certain sms messages are being blocked from my phone. I require these codes so I can use my phone for my work, so if anybody could help me it would be massively appreciated. Thank you. 

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Re: I cannot receive verification codes (via SMS) to my new phone.

@LJW1 : Did you port over from O2? This seems to occur mainly with those ports.


I believe it's EE's text spam filters finding false-positives on certain legitimate constructs in bank's verification code texts. Funny it doesn't happen so much to those long-time with EE with their online banking. Yet EE is doing nowt in fixing it overall.

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Re: I cannot receive verification codes (via SMS) to my new phone.

Hi @LJW1.


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I've sent you a private message to get some more information from you.


Please take a look and get back to me.



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Re: I cannot receive verification codes (via SMS) to my new phone.

Hi @XRaySpeX 

It was O2 yes. Having looked around online and on this forum in particular it's apparent that it is often coming from O2 that is the issue. I've contacted the individual code vendors (as instructed by EE customer service), but can't get anywhere with it. 

I just hope it can be resolved otherwise I'm left with no alternative than to switch networks. I've been told that I'm getting a call back to look into the issue, but I don't see how I can be told anything new after several phone calls to tech and customer support. 
Feeling pretty let down so far to be honest. 

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