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How do I stop spam/ phishing texts?

Hi, I'm using an Android phone at the moment but I keep getting weird texts and wondered if they are phishing or spam and how to stop them 

by Scholarly Contributor
Scholarly Contributor

Re: How do I stop spam/ phishing texts?

@Whippie3675 you can forward suspect texts to 7726. It is free for you to do so. But don't reply to them because that can lead to more of them as well as other issues. 


You can also block them on your phone.


If it continues then you may want to have your number changed. 


So what type of weird texts are you getting?

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Re: How do I stop spam/ phishing texts?

Good Afternoon @Whippie3675


I would recommend following the advice from @Tyler321.


Reporting this can help us identify phishing/spam messages. 


Katie 🙂

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