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Add on accessories

Morning all,


has as anyone else had any trouble getting add on accessories? I.e hive products, tv etc etc? I noticed that on y iPad account I can get up to 3 add on accessories and there long list to go thru, and you just pay X amount a month on top of your account. Well I noticed there was a 40” Samsung Smart tv for £35 for 11 months, so I rang EE. And I then get told no I can’t have it as mobile due to renewal next year, but my iPad account got two years as I got it this year. Nope can’t have it.. if I had money in my account I would try to get the tv but sadly due to health ( my heart ) I’m on universal credit. But my bill gets paid every month and have been customer when it was t-mobile and before them and been EE customer since day 1 they took over. So what’s the problem? Wonder if anyone else had the same problem. My tv on the verge of going out and thought I could get new thru EE. It’s false advertising if I get told I can’t have it and yet on my EE app which then goes to website I can get it. I’m not happy, but nothing I can do apart from complain which I tend to do. Let me know if anyone else had the same problem?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Add on accessories

@LairdJedi1 Is the iPad on the same account as the phone ?  If it is your phone is the main device on this account ( you got that first to open the account) and it’s this device that is being used on whether you can have a add to plan product.  

by LairdJedi1

Re: Add on accessories



Aye, it’s on phone account, but it shows on my number for iPad. But doesn’t show add ins accessories on my phone account. 

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