by silverman54

how do i unbar a sim card

My brother in law is unable to make call on his pay as you go 2G mobile, but Orange will allow you to keep topping up.

I have tried to sort this problem out on the phone, but the biggest problem is that the customer support advisor insists that the registered phone user needs to give permission for me to act on her behalf. The problem is that my mother in law has Alzheimer`s and the customer adviser will not budge from from her stance, probably does not understand the word Alzheimer.

So How can I get a new sim card with credit from old phone put on the new card.

By the way, I have written to Orange Customer services in Sunderland twice now by signed for delivery, and I have NOT received a reply, which is very poor on EE`S part,

Thank you for any help in this matter

EE Employee

Re: how do i unbar a sim card

Hi @silverman54 and welcome to the community.


I understand your frustration with this issue.


Please do call again and ask to be transferred to the EE helpdesk team to set up a power of attorney for the account.


If you are not happy with how this has been handled so far, please do see our ways ways to complain.


Many thanks,




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