by Lew4
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Upgrading my Contract



From today I am eligible for an early upgrade and I wish to change from my Unlimited Calls/Texts, 5GB data to the 20GB, Unlimited Calls/Texts SIM only contract.


Currently my plan is shared with my wife (£12 p/m add on) and I have just read that shared contracts are no longer available apart from shared data plans.


My question is, if I upgrade my contract will my wife continue to share my new plan or will she need to switch to a new one?



by Andrewworr Established Contributor
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Re: Upgrading my Contract

Good morning, Lew.


This is an interesting question and I'm sure the EE customer services team will be glad to help.


You can reach them here


You can also contact EE via Twitter @EE


I hope this helps, Lew.


Good luck with your upgrade, and I hope you get a nice deal. 😊


EE Community Support Team

Re: Upgrading my Contract

Hi @Lew4


Welcome to the community. 🙂


Shared plans are no longer available, but, if you're already on one, you can keep it. 


I recommend following @Andrewworr's advice and contacting the upgrades team to make sure that goes through smoothly. 🙂


Let us know how you get on.


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