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Returning a PAYG phone - sim too?

Hi Folks,


I went and bought from EE online a 'cheap' phone on PAYG with a £10 data pack.


I also bought a £10 topup to get started.


Now - the phone when I got it was fine - but just wasnt up to the task I wanted it for, so I never used any of the Data pack or any of the £10 top up I bought, even though the SIM was inserted.

(all bought online through MyEE on here)


I called customer service, all sorted to send the phone back, but nobody knew what to do about the sim.


They appear to have refunded the £10 pack price my EE account - as that now shows the £10 I bought has increased to £20, and pack information is gone.


My feeling is that I should keep the SIM for future use, it has had nothing taken off it call and data wise, but has of course been physically opened. Plus it is linked to the £20 on MyEE account still.


Or should I send it back with the phone?  does it class as an accessory that came with the phone?

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Re: Returning a PAYG phone - sim too?

@jubileee  You’ll need to call

customer services to get the £10/£20 put  back on your credit/debt card.  Ask them what todo with the sim they probably say destroy it. Or you could keep the sim and use the allowances on it.  

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Re: Returning a PAYG phone - sim too?

Thanks Chris, I asked when I called to arrange the return, the lady and her manager did not know what to do with it. Regarding my credit increasing and my pack disappearing - the pack was a part of the phone sale, so possibly it is a roundabout way of getting it back to me as it cant be refunded - not being a physical thing I can send back. Now that I have been in touch and started the returns progress I have 30 days to send the phone back, so I'll hang onto the sim and not use it, then see what transpires if I send the phone back minus the SIM. I'm sure I shall be notified soon enough if it should have been in the package and can always send this later if it is indeed required.
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Re: Returning a PAYG phone - sim too?

The SIM & the pack are part of the PAYG phone purchase. You should send it all back & you'll get a full refund.


If you kept the SIM it would be deactivated after 6 months if you did not use it.

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Re: Returning a PAYG phone - sim too?

Hi @jubileee,


Welcome to the EE Community.


That's good advice from @XRaySpeX, if you haven't used the SIM card, please return it with the phone.





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