by GayaneAvetisyan

Problem with phone number

hello m I have problem with my phone number, I tryed to refil it from Armenia, Once I managed to do it, after without any result. Yesterday I received notification about deactivation of my number. All my accounts are connected with teh phone number. Please support to recover the number .


Number is +xxxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you


[mod edit: please do not post personal information such as phone numbers on the public board. Thanks!]

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Problem with phone number

Hello @GayaneAvetisyan ,


Welcome to the community,


Is this a pay as you go account or monthly contract? How long has it been since you used your SIM card?


You may want to take a look here:

EE Community Support Team

Re: Problem with phone number

Hi @GayaneAvetisyan 


Welcome to the community. 🙂


If your SIM is pay as you go, it could be that your number has entered hibernation, as @Schockwave said.


It may not be too late to re-activate the number. Take a look at the article that @Schockwave posted above.



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