Number not transferred to new sim!

I recently upgraded my contract with EE via Carphone Warehouse. I recieved this on Monday and was advised to insert the new SIM and my EE number would automatically transfer over. However it is now Thursday and this has yet to happen!! I have contacted Carphone Warehouse and they said everything is set up correctly on their end. Also, logging into my EE account it still says my phone is iPhone 6 but I’ve upgraded to iPhone 7. It does say the new plan and original phone number though so why hasn’t the transfer taken place to the new SIM? It’s a bit frustrating now having to lug around two phones to be contactable!

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Number not transferred to new sim!

@Lisaab1990  Your account will update to say the new device in due tube it’s not important that is still says your old device.   As long as your new tariff is correct than that’s good. you can just put your old sim in your new device and use that.  You don’t need a new SIM card every time you get a new device. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Number not transferred to new sim!

Hi @Lisaab1990.


Welcome to the community.


Upgrades are always exciting times, what plan did you go for?


Have you tried using your old SIM card in your new phone (if it fits)?


If not, our customer service team will be able to get the new SIM registered for you if it's not going through automatically.


Keep us updated with your progress 🙂



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