by Nikkca

New plan/new phone

  • Hello, I've got my new ee plan - Max, with 20GB and new smartphone - Huawei P20 pro, after My account was closed. When I try to log in my account, after I was upgrad, it's  still show - your account is closed. 
  • My smartphone is connected in T-Mobile (Czech republic) with Roaming, I can call and receive texts. But I can't send messages and My data isn't working. I'm not sure ,if I have same problem in UK, because I got my new stuff and I left for holiday after. 
  • Thank you 
by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: New plan/new phone

@Nikkca  You say your acount was closed ?  And then you say you can not login to your account,


please explain what you mean.  


 Was this new device an upgrade or did you take out a new contract?  


If you took out a new contract you need to setup a new online account.


this is where I get confused.


if you closed your old account you’ve not upgraded but you’ve took out a new contract so don’t have an account to login too as you’ve not set it up.  But if you only upgraded why are you saying you’ve closed your account. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: New plan/new phone

Hi @Nikkca


Welcome to the community.


Did you get a new number with your new plan? If so, as @Chris_B said, you would need to register for a new account rather than trying to log into your old one.


Could you try connecting to a different available Czech network?


Tap Settings > More Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Tap OK


Let me know if your phone works better then.




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