by JazzDad

30 Day UK visit

I believe I need a PAYG phone and plan to check resevations and such as I travel.  At the end of the trip, what alternative do I have to tossing the phone in a dust bin?  Are there recyclers, or can it be donated to a charitable organisation (assuming some time/ minutes remain)?

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: 30 Day UK visit

Where are you visiting from?


If you are from the EU with a network within the EU you can use your exisiting plan now in the UK.


There are phone recyclers within the UK but it isn't instant and you would need a bank account. Unsure if it would have to be a UK account though.


You could always sell the phone to a second hand shop like CeX or Game or independant stores but I am guessing it will be a very low tech phone so you may not get much for it.

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Re: 30 Day UK visit

Hello there @JazzDad


Thanks for coming to the community.


You can order a pay as you go phone here for use when you are in the UK 🙂


EE also offer recycle and reward here.


Hope you have an amazing time in the UK!

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