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data Allowance whilst abroad

I just wanted to share an experience i had with EE whilst recently traveling in China. 


Before i left i was told by EE that China wasn't in my data plan and that i would need to buy additional data whilst i was there, so as soon i touched down I took my phone off airplane mode to allow it adjust to the new country, however this automatically allowed data roaming to start and a whole bunch of whatsap messages etc came through within seconds... about 2/3 minutes later i received a text message from EE saying that my allowance would be 500mb at £6 per 'day' whilst in China... my initial thought was that this is really expensive for the amount of data you get and secondly, to turn my roaming off immeidiately. I was also a bit bummed by the fact that this was the only deal on offer, where as some of the guys i was traveling with had the option of weekly deal or daily deals etc, thus some better value for money etc... I gave EE a big thumbs down for the lack in data variety, it was a like it or lump it scenario.  


For the rest of my trip i decided to jump from wifi to wifi to gain access to the internet on my phone without coming home to a bill of £90 for data use (I was there for 15 days) 


There was a point in the trip (about 6pm local time) that i needed to use the internet on a train and decided to for go the 'daily' charge and reluctantly turned my roaming back on and used the internet on and off for about 8 hours... so i thought i would come home to a bill showing 1 x £6 charge (possibly 2 given the earlier plane incident). However when i returned i came home to x 3 £6 charges or 'daily' charges as EE put it... 


What I find a little cunning here, is the lack of information surrounding when the day starts and when it ends... is it 24hrs from point of turning on your roaming? or is it until the end of a UK time zone day? or is it to the end of the time zone i'm currently in? eitherway it was all guess work, and calling EE to find out was another extortionate charge. 


i've popped this post in the 'idea's to improve' section because i feel EE should be more transparent here, and helpful when you're in another country, instead of leaving you to your own devises... (excuse the pun) I can see how much data i have used on the EE app whilst in the UK or Eu.... so when i purchase 500mb worldwide, why cannot see how much data i have used in the app, or why cannot somewhere see when the charge starts and when it ends? 


I felt a bit ripped off, and felt EE could have had a bit more visibility around this, especially if you're going to charge an arm and a leg for the use of data abroad. 


Any thoughts welcome... 

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: data Allowance whilst abroad

Hi @BenjaminLondon and welcome to the community!


I certainly agree with some of your comments, however EE do make it clear that the pass runs from midnight-midnight UK time on the help pages here

by BenjaminLondon

Re: data Allowance whilst abroad

Fair enough, but I didn’t click on this page because it involves using data...

I personally think EE need to make it clearer from the initial text message - so you can make an informed decision there and then.

Also, EE make it super easy to track data allowance when in the UK via the app. Why isn’t this the case when abroad? Why can’t I see how much of the 500mb I have left, rather than anticipating a text message ... I find it all a bit unhelpful...whether your abroad or in the uk it should be super easy to use and understand data allowance.

Just my thoughts..

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by Scholarly Contributor
Scholarly Contributor

Re: data Allowance whilst abroad

You can always check your data for free by going to

by BenjaminLondon

Re: data Allowance whilst abroad

These links aren’t apparent or obvious at the time... they’re essentially useless if no info is given to use them at the time...

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EE Community Support Team

Re: data Allowance whilst abroad

Welcome to the community, @BenjaminLondon. I hope you had a fantastic time travelling in China. 🙂


Thank you sharing your experience and feedback about using our roaming service abroad.


I see you've now been given some information about where it explains how the add-ons work and how to monitor them.


I will pass your feedback on to our roaming team.



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