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charged data abroad with my data turned off

I'm not happy at all.

Been charged for a shed load of roaming data and it's constantly been off on my phone. 

and i've been charged for calls to my own number? Also charged for calls from UK and USA on the same day?


not sure whats going on here...

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Re: charged data abroad with my data turned off

Hi and welcome to the community @TylerTyler


So I can try and assist, please let me know which network you are using EE, Orange or T-Mobile.


The charges for your own number will be calls recieved and also can be associated with voicemail.


Many thanks,



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Re: charged data abroad with my data turned off

Calls to your own number are caused by voicemail.  Every time someone calls you whilst you are abroad and outside the EU and your handset diverts to voicemail, even if they don’t leave you a message, you will still receive an International call charge.


The only way to avoid this is by turning off your voicemail before you travel.


No idea why you are being charged for data though as that should not happen if you are on a 4G EE plan as you cannot use data abroad without first buying an add-on with standard EE 4G plans.

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