by time2

can't use phone abroad

I've come to Canada and can't use my phone. Signal is good, have tried texting Roaming to 150 (from Canada) but the message is just hanging with the 'circle of waiting.'


I looked at add-ons before I went, couldn't find anything, so texted No Roam to 150. Now find there is a World add-on - texted World to 150 but phone is just waiting. Then tried texting Roaming to 150 - but it isn't being sent. Nothing at all. I've seen a number of other people on here with similar problems. All it needs is for ee to accept texts to 150 from abroad Obviously I can't phone or text anyone because the phone isn't working.


by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: can't use phone abroad

@time2  To text ROAMING to 150 has to be done in the UK so you have a fully working device when you get to the destination.  If you don’t do this you can not send a message as roaming is not fully enabled on the account so you can not send messages back to the UK.   But your issue is not roaming not being enabled  as you have a signal it’s international and premium rate numbers that are not enabled.  You can enable this yourself from within your online account settings. 

by time2

Re: can't use phone abroad

ok thanks - I just found out I can change things online. Also somehow got a chat session. 🙂

EE Community Support Team

Re: can't use phone abroad

Hi @time2.


Welcome to the community.


This is great advice from @Chris_B!


Did you manage to get this sorted with our chat team?


I hope you're having a great time in Canada 🙂



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