by rcrosher

V worried. On 4GEE max plan been Canada 6 days & have run up £36 bill for texts

Set up 4GEE max plan before trip to Canada. Have text from EE in Feb to say it's all set up but looks like it didn' work as I have a bill of £36 & I have only been here 6 days.  I have hardly used my phone. Just texted family in UK, made 2 phone calls. Time difference means I haven' managed to get through to them yet. I was told 4GEE max plan would give me plenty of texts. Any advice appreciated as I am worried. I've not used any data so why £36??

EE Community Support Team

Re: V worried. On 4GEE max plan been Canada 6 days & have run up £36 bill fo

Hi @rcrosher


Welcome to the community, I hope you're having a lovely time in Canada so far. 🙂


Please don't worry, I'll do my best to get you some help.


Does your phone plan show that it covers Canada in the My EE app or your My EE account online?


It should tell you what your plan covers after tapping plan and add-ons >>> See your plan. It will give you a description at the top of the screen (you may need to tap 'more').





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