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Using Your Phone Abroad

Good evening, 


i am am going to slpain on holiday soon. All the new free roaming charges have confused me. I understand that on my contract I will get free roaming as I am in the eu but do I still need to buy a add on?


so I need to pay like £4 a day to use my phone or can I just use it as I would in England for no extra cost? 


Can someone make it more clear for me what I need to do and what I will and will not be paying for 


many thanks 


by Ace Contributor
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Re: Using Your Phone Abroad



You can use your phone in Europe without any extra cost as normal you using in UK.

But make sure your before leaving UK your roaming on your account.

You can do this texting Roaming to 150. And also suggest you to Call customer service on 150 from ee or any other provider to 07953 966 250 to made sure no international call barring on your account. 

More roaming details can be found here.

Many Thanks 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Using Your Phone Abroad

Hello there @Lucie7


All your allowances can be used in the EU free of charge.


You can even use up to 15GB of your remaining data allowance if you have more than 15GB the rest can be used in the UK.


If you have any further queries let us know.


Hope you have a great time and don't forget to set up Roaming with us before you go 🙂

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