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Using EE in Canada

If I have a cap on my account will I still be charged for incoming calls from the UK if I am away in Canada?


Also is £4.99 for 500mb daily the only option to use data abroad in Canada?


EE Community Support Team

Re: Using EE in Canada

Hello @KS96


Welcome to the community 🙂


You can add a Roam Further Pass this will allow you to use your minutes, texts and up to 15GB of data within Canada.


This is £10.00 per month and can be added by texting ROAM FURTHER to 150


If you don't want to use the Roam Further Pass, you can find all the roaming add-ons and charges on our Roaming help page.


If you have a spend cap active this will restrict roaming.


Before you travel to Canada, make sure you are set up to use your phone abroad.


You can do this in your My EE account online go to Menu > Manage Device > Roaming Abroad and also Call Abroad and Premium rate> They will show as ticked if roaming and calling abroad is activated.


Have a great time 🙂





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