by Cozx

Unclear avout roaming!

I received the following earlier this evening:

Welcome to The Netherlands. Your plan has Ultd mins and texts to use while roaming in EU and USA and while calling / texting from UK to EU and USA. Your plan also includes 500MB of data per day. When the data runs out, you'll be prompted to buy more.


However I can't send texts, phone or use 4G. I'm not sure what to do now.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Unclear avout roaming!

Good morning @Cozx


Welcome to the EE community and thanks for becoming a new member 🙂


How is your time away?


Here are the charges and information for the Netherlands should you want to have a look.


Have you tried manually searching for a network?


If so and the services still aren't working, then this sounds to me like Roaming hasn't been activated yet.


So this doesn't happen again, please have a look at our EE Roaming - Getting ready to use your phone abroad post.


If you are an EE pay monthly personal customer then please get in touch with us. There will be an option to speak to the live chat service team.


Let us know how you get on.









by Cozx

Re: Unclear avout roaming!

Good morning Richard,

My time away is not a good one as I am here for a funeral. This has been made more difficult due to my being unable to contact anyone, including yourselves.

I got through to live chat yesterday but had to break off the conversation as I didn't know my password and before the person could get back to me, the car turned up to take me to the funeral home.

Today, I have been trying to get in contact with EE. All attempts have proven unsuccessful. I can't call the numbers listed, as I have no phone access. When I try to get through on live chat, I get a message saying pay per go customers are not currently helped on live chat. I'm not a pay as you go customer, I'm a business customer.

While I understand I should have checked overseas usage before I left, as international calls and usage was included in my plan, I stupidly assumed my phone would work.

An extremely stressful time has been made more stressful due to the inability to remain in contact with the rest of the family when not able to use WiFi. 


EE Community Support Team

Re: Unclear avout roaming!

Hi @Cozx


Thank you so much for taking the time to come back and give me an update.


I send you my genuine heartfelt condolences for your loss and I am so sorry to hear that you have had difficulties with service in all already tough set of circumstances.


When it comes to a live chat this is available to personal EE customers and as a Business customer, you would need to please call Business customer services.


The call can be made either from an alternative landline or from an alternative mobile phone.


I hope you can get this sorted out as quick as possible.


Thank you





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