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USA roaming 4GEE Max slow speed

I am currently roaming in USA in the Chicago area of Illinois, both downtown and in the suburbs and have a 40Gb 4GEEMAX plan.


Signal is very patchy compared to my Three phone, which in theory should be slower than my EE phone while roaming.


If I manually or automatically select ATT network then I have no data at all, not even gprs, yet my Three phone has 3G albeit slow.


If I manually or automatically select T-Mobile then I have 4G data but incredibly slow, slower than my Three phone which only has 3G.


My speed tests are averaging around 0.4Mbps down and 2Mbps up. Yet on my Three phone I have signal and 3G data on both ATT and T-Mobile with speeds averaging 3Mbps down and 2.5Mbps up, which isn’t great either, but much better than EE, with a choice of 2 networks, and a much cheaper contract too!


Yes I have tried resetting, restarting, airplane mode, toggling roaming off/on, toggling 4G off/on, setting 4G to data only, toggling data off/on, manually selecting a network and automatically selecting a network. All result in poor, sometimes no signal on T-Mobile but with incredibly slow data, or better signal but with not data connection at all on ATT.


Please fix this, as this is verging on false advertising of roaming as I doesn’t actually work, or breaching the sale of goods act as the service doesn’t actually exist.


Does anyone else have a similar/better/worse experience while roaming in the USA? I am new to EE and used to consider my Three service while roaming here very limited and slow, and wrongly thought my more expensive premium EE contract would deliver better service. After all, it does say that people on 4GEEMAX plans will get the fastest data speeds while roaming. This is currently not the case, or just a lie?

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Re: USA roaming 4GEE Max slow speed

The speeds you get will always be down to local congestion and so there’s not much you can do about it unfortunately.  When I was in Chicago last year, my data was also pretty slow.


The US networks are notoriously slow for cellular data speeds in many cities.


Since AT&T turned off 2G everywhere last year, roaming has gone very dodgy now with them and doesn’t work in many places now.


When I was in Miami though at the end of December with EE and I was getting blazing (for the USA, anyway) 4G speeds there :




The ping times will will always be high with EE because they route all roaming data via the U.K.

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Re: USA roaming 4GEE Max slow speed

Thanks for the reply. It’s nice to know that it’s not just me then.


I know the default EE response will be that it’s down to network congestion, which in actual fact will be throttling. 


My family who live here have got local sims on the same networks I’m roaming on, they have much more reliable signal, 4G data and usually 20Mbps or higher up and down on speed tests. 


So why I can’t even get 1Mbps on the same network at the same time leads me to believe I’m not getting ‘the fastest 4G possible while roaming’ as EE state, and with ATT, I’m not getting any data at all.


I know they have abandoned 3G over here in favour of 4G, so their 3G networks are old and slow, and 2G pretty much non existent. But that’s besides the point.

All advertising leads us to believe that roaming should ‘feel like home’. Well either we’re being throttled and compared to the local sims (yes we are!), or feel at home is comparable to someone who lives in the Scottish highlands with little/no signal. 


I just don’t understand why in 2018 it’s so difficult to make a service work globally/seamlessly/speedily, but then I guess I’m not thinking about the shareholders pockets 😉

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Re: USA roaming 4GEE Max slow speed

Is your phone fully compatible with the US networks?

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