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Travel data pass and Apple Watch

I was recently was on holiday outside the EU, during which I turned on roaming for 4 days. I've now had a bill that shows £6 charges 8 times: double what I was expecting.


I was planning on disputing this, but was wondering if having an Apple Watch could have caused the double charging? Seems like the Watch defininetely doesn't support roaming on its own, but could using data via the phone have triggered another charge? Unhelpfuly, each entry on the bill has no info on date/country/device. 

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Re: Travel data pass and Apple Watch

Hi @Netwrox


Welcome to the community, I hope you had a brilliant trip. 🙂


How long were you on holiday for?


The Travel Data Pass will be activated on the phone's SIM, so any data that goes through the phone will activate the pass. Roaming would have to be switched on for that to happen. 



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