by Bellami85

Travel Data Pass

Hi There, 


I am currently in the US and purchased  the travel data pass on my first day here. 

It worked fine on the first day but did not reset on the second day. I tried rebooting my phone but it still did not reset. 


However, I desperately needed data so I decided to stop the plan by texting STOP TRAVEL to 150 and then i restarted the plan, texting TRAVEL to 150 again. This method worked. 


My question is ...will I be charged for stopping the original pass and starting a new one?

Or is it always 4.80 a day regardless of whether you use the pass for one day and stop and then restart. 


Thank you 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Travel Data Pass

Hi @Bellami85


Welcome to the community, I hope your having a terrific time in the USA. 🙂

The daily charge for the travel data pass only kicks in when you get a data connection.


As it didn't connect on the second day, you wouldn't be charged for that day (unless it started working later on).


You can keep an eye on what you have been charged for on your My EE app/account.


Has it started working after you re-enabled it?


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