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Tethering whilst abroad

Hi all


I'm going to France and my autistic son needs an internet connection. I've been advised the place we are going has sparse wifi, so spoke with EE customer services who advised I bump up to a Max tariff for a month as that data can be used abroad. 


Please can someone tell me the ins and outs of this. Can all the data be used abroad, and are there restrictions on tethering? My plan is to set my phone up as a hotspot so my son can connect that way.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Tethering whilst abroad

Hello @EABowden here is a link containing information on roaming with a 4GEE MAX plan. :):
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Re: Tethering whilst abroad

I've not heard of EE allowing you to upgrade your plan for a month. Make sure you get anything agreed in writing, maybe a text confirmation of any temporary changes.

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Re: Tethering whilst abroad

Good morning@EABowden


Thank you for coming to community for some help and advice 🙂


@chistery is correct, temporary moves are not allowed and this would be permanent.


Can I increase my Price Plan?

Yes you can, However there are some ground rules.


  • You can only change your Plan once every 30 days.
  • You can only be moved to plans within our current range, Pay Monthly Plans from EE.
  • Your contract length cannot change and the data allowance must match or be higher than your current usage, please check how much data you are using before looking at a new Plan.


  You can do that by checking your MY EE account.


  • You can move to a Plan to benefit from increased allowances as long as you move up to a higher price point.


Please see the Changing my EE Price Plan post I created and this should explain everything.


If you have any further questions, then please give a quick call to customer services and they will assist you.










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Re: Tethering whilst abroad


Hi Richard


Thanks for your reply, but I think you're misleading me here, and customer services was less than clear about the technicalities also. 


According to your own post, downward moves ARE allowed - as long as it is not down below my original agreement and you are in the second half of your contract. 


So I can move up to a max plan in April to get roaming data, then move it back down to where I started from May onwards (I have a 12 month sim-only contract that began last November)




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Re: Tethering whilst abroad

Thanks Tom - I see no restriction on tethering. The only restriction is a 15GB usage cap, which should be plenty

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