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Struggling with data roaming in France

I bought a pay as you go sim for my Australian iphone x in London, i put the sim card in straight away and the data was working fine. When i got to France later that day, my phone automatically connected to the Orange F network and data roaming has not worked since. Its been over 24hours of troubleshooting and I cant work out what is wrong. I have performed a hard reset of my phone and reset the network carrier but still nothing. I have international minutes with this sim as well but every time i try to make a call it says calls are barred from this phone. I have no idea what else to try. Ibought this sim on recommendation and not getting what i paid for which is leaving me lost in France


by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Struggling with data roaming in France

Hi @sharlsg 


Do you have enough credit/or pack on your device? Is your device unlocked?


Have you also tried connecting to another carrier manually via your network settings, and disabling auto select network?



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Re: Struggling with data roaming in France

Hi @sharlsg 


Welcome to the community.


I was going to recommend the same as @Northerner. Have you had a chance to try that?



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