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Roaming in USA



I am currently on holiday in America and phoned EE the day before I left the UK (21st june) to see what the deal was with roaming and if I needed an add on. Was told that because I have a 4G Max plan, I could use my minutes and texts as normal and 15gb out of the 25 of data. All I had to do was turn my phone on and then off again. 


However when I arrived and turned my phone on and then off, I received texts telling me I needed to buy an add on at 4£ per day in order to enable roaming and my phone has not been working unless connected to wifi which is extremely frustrating considering I phoned EE before leaving to avoid having a phone that doesn't work? 


To to add to this, my partner rung EE for me from the UK and they have said I do in fact need an add on. However this contradicts posts I have seen on the internet regarding the 4G max plans, and also the information I was initially told. Not impressed atall. 



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Re: Roaming in USA

@laneybecca What you where originally told by EE was incorrect unfortunately, whilst you may be on a Max plan, it sounds like you are not on the new Max plan which EE launched May 10th this year.


Only the new Max plan includes those 5 extra counties including the USA.


EE CS have apparently now been told this multiple times but it seems the message isn't getting through.  I'd raise this as a complaint now by going here.  I would start by asking complaints to refund you the £4.00 a day you are now having to spend on data-add-ons.

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Re: Roaming in USA

Hi @laneybecca,


Welcome to the EE Community.


As @Profile closed said, it's only the new Max plans that include roaming in the USA.


I'm sorry that you weren't given the correct information.


If you would like to switch to a new Max plan, please get in touch.





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