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Roaming in Quebec, Canada



We are currently in Canada, driving around the Gaspe Peninsular in Quebec Provence.


Our 2 phones (iPhone 6 & 6S Plus) were working fine (voice and data) until we got part way around the Peninsular. Since then, the iPhone 6 has shown ”No service” and the 6S Plus has shown a strong signal connecting to Bell, but no data at all.


On paper, it would appear both phone should support all the frequencies in use by Bell Canada, so I am confuesed as to why one phone doesn’t connect at all and why the other connects to Bell, but does not get any data connection.


I have tried to manually connect the phone to the other network in the area (Telus), but that won’t connect at all.


Both Phones are on a Max plan that started in Jan 2018.


I would have called 150 from one of the phones, but I’m not clear if this is free or not when roaming in Canada with my plan. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Roaming in Quebec, Canada

Hi @joshcf


Welcome to the community, that sounds like a brilliant trip!


There could be a few reasons for this, but as the phone worked in other areas of Canada, the phone is definitely set up for roaming.


Calls to 150 are free as you're in a Max Plan country, I recommend getting in touch with technical support who'll do their best to get you re-connected.


Let us know what happens.





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