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Roaming for 1 year


I am currently in Portugal and using my roaming abroad. However, I am here for 1 year and will not be returning to the UK. Can I still continue using my plan even though I will be here for 1 year? Is there a time period that my roaming will stop?

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Re: Roaming for 1 year

Hi @CDaniel 


As per EE terms and conditions


Stable links
You must comply with the EE fair use policy which includes you being a permanent resident in, or having a stable link to, the UK. We will
consider you to have a stable link to the UK if, during any four-month period, you:
• spend a total of two months or more within the UK; or
• mainly use your inclusive voice, text or data usage allowances in the UK, rather than while you are roaming.
If we reasonably believe there is a breach of this stable links policy, we will monitor this based on the combination of your presence in
the UK and usage in the EU/EEA/Switzerland for four months. If, during this four month period, we believe or know that you may have
breached the conditions set out above, we will notify you of the breaches and ask you to explain the reasons for this, as well as setting
out the type of proof you need to supply to satisfy us that your usage complies with EE’s stable links policy.
If you do not contact us within 14 days or we think that your explanation for your usage is unreasonable we may apply a surcharge for all
future usage. Surcharges are set out above and we will cease to charge these surcharges when you contact us and either supply the proof
requested in our notification or comply with the stable links policy. You may not resell our UK SIM cards to persons not residing in or having
stable links to the UK. If you do, we may block the SIM card and roaming services.

You will fall foul of EE stable link policy. This applies if you are a pay monthly contract customer.



To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
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Re: Roaming for 1 year

EE have a fair usage policy for roaming which includes a stable links statement. By roaming for a year you would be well in excess of that and therefore reasonably subject to additional charges and/or ceasing of roaming service. 

As for when it kicks locks in, earliest would be about 2 months based on my interpretation of the policy.

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Re: Roaming for 1 year

Ah! Northerner beat me to it!

by Grand Master
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Re: Roaming for 1 year

@CDaniel  In addition to what’s been put you might get passed the 2 month period if your lucky but not by much and after that period you’ll be charged international pricing and if you run up a large bill you could find yourself cut off.  Keep the usage to a minimum and you should be ok but you will be paying for international calls/text/data.  I recommend you switching cellular data off after this period as this can get expensive so use WiFi where possible. 

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