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Roaming Add on

I'm trying to buy the £6 roaming add-on but when I select buy, it lists the £6 recurring fee as "To be added on: 30 mins from anywhere" but also lists a recurring charge of £42.88 under "To be added on: New monthly cost incl. VAT".


My current monthly fee is £35.99, so it's not as simple as adding the £6 (which includes VAT) to my normal monthly charge giving me a new total. Any idea what's going on here? I don't want the £42.88 to be a new recurring fee that's been accidentally added on for some reason!

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Re: Roaming Add on

Hello @PatrickD sorry to hear you are having problems purchasing a roaming add on. Try restarting your device then access the add on page and trying to purchase the add on again. If you are still not getting the correct information then please call customer service on +447953 966 250 from another phone (lines open 8am UK time) who have access to accounts and can look in to this for you. If you are a personal pay monthly customer on an EE plan you can also access Live Chat using one of the ways mentioned in this link. :):

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Re: Roaming Add on

Good Morning @PatrickD


Welcome to the Community! Smiley Happy


When is your bill date?


It looks like it's adding the price of the bundle onto your monthly price plan plus pro rata - which is why it's a little more than the £6.


The pro rata will only show be on the first month's payment.


Hope this helps!


Thanks - Karen. Smiley Happy

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