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Roam Further and Travel Data Pass



I've just added the roam further pass. So I get to use my data allowance when I am in the US. Which is great. 


I already had the travel data pass from previous trips. This charges £4.80 a day for 500mb of data when away in the US. 


I am assuming that when I am away and using data it will be using my data allowance because I have roam further added. And that if I used up that allowance then the travel data pass kicks in and I pay £4.80 a day when I use data. Is this correct?



EE Community Support Team

Re: Roam Further and Travel Data Pass

Good Afternoon @mexos.


Thanks for coming to the community.


The roam further add on will allow you to use up to 15GB of your data allowance.


We have a fair use policy of using a maximum of 15GB of your allowances whilst abroad.


If you use the full 15GB you will be receive notification of any options available.


Have a great time,


Katie 🙂

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