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Re: Roaming to DT in Germany is broken

Hi @Christopher_G,

a have two mobile phones on ee network that I use constantly. One's business, one's private.

One's an Iphone SE, the other one an Iphone 8.

How come, while i am in Germany, that one phone contantly connects to telekom (good network) while the other one connects to o2 (bad network) and wont let me manually connect to telekom.


Thanks for your help

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Re: Roaming to DT in Germany is broken



Welcome to the community.


Your phone should connect to the strongest network that it can find.


Are you still able to use your phone for calls texts and data on the one that connects to O2?




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Re: Roaming to DT in Germany is broken

Hi Christopher,

Calls and texts still work on O2, but I know there is something weird going on here. I stay in Sandhausen - postcode D-69207, there is a mast on my hotel roof! The owner of the hotel told me, yet my phone would still rather connect to O2-DE where I get GPRS or EDGE if I'm lucky. Therefore I find it very difficult to accept that my phone will connect to the strongest network as it clearly doesn't.

Furthermore I get dropped calls on O2 but not Telekom, yet when I search for Telekom manually it lets me have it for a while then after one hour it goes to No Service and I have no choice but to go back to ropey O2.

Both networks when on 3G give constistently under 2MBs upload and download data speeds so there is some speed restiction going on here I think....
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Re: Roaming to DT in Germany is broken

EE throttle roaming sometimes to 2 mbit/s down/up, even on Max Plans.

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