by kpt120

Re: Roaming in republic of ireland

I have the EE 500 min Intl Add-on allowing me to call a mobile phone in the USA and also my spend cap is set to £0.


Despite having these features in place I was charged £1.00 for a 55 second call to the USA a few days ago.  At the time of making the call my phone had picked up a 3 network signal from southern Ireland (even though I was physically present in the north of Ireland) so therefore with the £0 spend cap the call should've been prevented from going through.
Can someone confirm that I am correct regarding this call in terms of EE preventing it from going through because I have a £0 spend cap? 
EE Community Team

Re: Roaming in republic of ireland

Hi @kpt120,



Welcome to the community 🙂


You are right in thinking if you have a full restriction on your account you should not have been able to make the call if it was chargeable.


Have you spoken to our mobile care team about the charge yet? 


They will be able to look into your account for you to ensure this does not happen again.


Let me know how you get on once you have spoken to them.



Alex 🙂

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