by MelJ74
New Member

Problems dialling from Switzerland

Hi, I have travelled to Switzerland and my phone can’t make calls and SMS texts aren’t sending. I am on a personal EE contract.

please help! 😩

EE Community Support Team

Re: Problems dialling from Switzerland

Hi there @MelJ74


Thanks for coming to the community for help.


You may need to activate international calling within your My EE account.


To do this can you log into your My EE account online and go to Menu > Manage Device > Call Abroad and Premium Rate.


If this is not showing as ticked, can you activate this within your My EE?


This can take up to 24 hours to update for you. 


You will also have an option to chat within your My EE account if the above doesn't work for you.


Let us know how you get on.



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