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Phones showing "not registered on network" message in USA

We both have Samsung Galaxy 6 phones, and we're both unable to send or receive calls while in the USA - we get "Not registered on network" when we try.  


It was working last week, though - we got the usual EE texts and were able to make and receive calls, so I know roaming is enabled on the account.  


I've been into settings and "Mobile  Networks" and this is set to auto-connect and it can see lots of them, it just doesn't seem to be able to connect to any of them.  Any advice, please? 


NB Data roaming is switched off as I don't need this, but this shouldn't make any difference, should it?  

EE Employee

Re: Phones showing "not registered on network" message in USA

Hi @ekajia and welcome to the community.


So I can try and help, please may I get you to perform a manual network search and choose a network other than what you are on.


Please also can I get you to try and dial a friend or family member using format of 00447********* and try using data. 


Did this work?


Many thanks,



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