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Phone won't work abroad - error 10

I am in the  Netherlands for work and my phone won't call or send texts. I need to use it urgently. I can't call customer services on 150 as I can't dial out or text! 


I gather roaming needs to be activated by EE on my account in order for me to use the phone. I've logged into my account and it says roaming is allowed, but whenever I attempt to text or call I get an Error 10. This is incredibly frustrating as I need to use the phone for work as soon as possible. 


I don't have access to another mobile or landline and there doesn't appear to be an option I can find for live chat on the EE website. Can you help me to get this rectified please?

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Re: Phone won't work abroad - error 10

@garytwalker1  You are putting 44 or +44 instead of the 0 at the start of the number ? 

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Re: Phone won't work abroad - error 10

Hi @garytwalker1,


Welcome to the EE Community.


I'm sorry to hear you are having issues using your phone abroad.


Are you able to receive calls or texts?


Have you tried selecting a different network manually?


  • iPhone – Settings > Carrier > Toggle Automatic OFF


  • Android – Settings > More Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Tap OK





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