by guilbert53

Phone will not work abroad

My wife and I both have EE phones on monthly contract. When we went on a cruise a year or so back my phone worked fine abroad, hers did not.


Now my wife has gone to Ireland (Southern Ireland) and her phone will not work. She cant make calls and gets "Network not connected". She also has probmels with WhatApp and text messages.


She is there with her sister who is also on EE and she CAN make calls so my wife is having to use her phone.


Can you help if I sent you details of the phone numbers. Thank You. 

by guilbert53

Re: Phone will not work abroad

After reading some of the other questions on this forum I have just gone in to Manage Your Device for my wifes phone and found I could change the option for using the phone abroad, though it does say it could take 24 hours. 


I must say it is not clear you can change on that page with a simple click. It showed it as "Blocked" but a simple click on the "Blocked" changed it to "Allowed" (or whatever the new setting is). 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Phone will not work abroad

Good Morning @guilbert53.


Welcome to the community. 


It sounds like you have activated the correct settings to enable roaming


Please come back and let us know if you have any further questions. 


Katie 🙂


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