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No service in france

  1. I’m currently in France. Since getting off the ferry I haven’t had any service. I assumed that I would automatically be connected as my previous contracts have done. I took out this business pay monthly business contract a few months ago. Is there something I need to do or should have done? I need to get 4G and mobile data back soon please. Thank you.
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Re: No service in france

Hello and welcome to the EE Community.


Have you tried connecting to roaming networks manually? On an iPhone, this is under Mobile Data on android it varies a lot.


If that doesn't work, contacting customer service from another phone is likely the best thing to do.

by Tristar1983

Re: No service in france

Hi Peter. Thank you for your reply. Yes I’ve tried connecting manually but no joy. I’ve also tried restarting my iPhone a few times, switching to airplane mode and some other settings but still no service. Hopefully someone at EE will rely with some help. Thanks again Peter.

EE Community Support Team

Re: No service in france

Hi @Tristar1983


Welcome to the community, I hope you're having a nice time in France despite this connection problem.


You may be able to check the roaming status on your My EE account under Menu > Manage device.


Otherwise, I recommend getting in touch with customer services who'll be able to activate roaming on your phone.


Let us know how you get on.



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