by Lawson91 Investigator

No service in USA



I'm currently travelling in the USA and have no signal whatsoever. I have tried manually connecting to various networks but all come up with the same "unavailable at the moment, please try later" message.


I travelled throug Brussels and Canada to get here and had roaming messages in each of those countries but have received nothing in the USA, have no signal to make any calls or use data.


Please help, I need to contact a ride when I get off this train!!

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: No service in USA

by Lawson91 Investigator

Re: No service in USA

I have indeed!


It briefly flashes connected to a network (123 was the latest result) before returning to no signal

EE Community Support Team

Re: No service in USA

Hi @Lawson91,


Welcome to the EE Community.


It sounds like it could just be an issue with the local network.


Have you tried selecting a different network manually?


  • iPhone – Settings > Carrier > Toggle Automatic OFF


  • Android – Settings > More Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Tap OK


Hope this helps.



by Lawson91 Investigator

Re: No service in USA

OK, I had tried this, without success.


However I have just had a message saying my security has stopped, and I now have signal. 


I'm concerned that my security app is preventing my signal, thoughts?

by Lawson91 Investigator

Re: No service in USA

Signal is coming and going, but is not available majority of time, even in cities (Seattle)

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: No service in USA

Hello @Lawson91


Sorry to hear you're having problems using your phone while you're in America. Smiley Sad


If the your security app stopped working and your signal returned, it would appear your security app might be preventing your phone from connecting to a network.


I recommend you disable your security app or uninstall it and see if you can connect to a network. The networks that you should be able to use while your roam in America are, T-Mobile and AT&T.

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