by Chloelancett1

No network abroad

Hi I recently called 150 to notify yourselves that I was going to be using my phone abroad (kos) however since getting of the plane and Turing my airplane mode off I've had no signal at all and it won't load a network.. Is there anything I can do as I can't make phone calls 

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: No network abroad

Hi @Chloelancett1 


Where are you and are you on PAYG or contract?


Have you tried a reboot, often that helps, or a manual network selection, does that work? Have you enabled roaming on your phone?

Or if you log into MyEE and go to Manage device, make sure you have activated roaming and international calls.

Or If you have the MyEE app, go to usage controls, activate use phone abroad and make international and premium calls


Try that, and if it still isn't working, let us know.

by Chloelancett1

Re: No network abroad

Hi thankyou for your reply. I managed to call 150 via my mums phone and was informed that it's due to the type of contact (bad income contract) that I'm on that's all. Theres no problem with my phone or sim it's just that it won't work outside of the UK.


Thankyou for your response and help though! 

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