by Lm88

No caller id when dialling from Abroad


i was using my phone abroad (Ireland) last week, and when I made phone calls to UK mobiles it was coming up as ‘no caller id’ -even though they have my number saved and My settings in iOS is set to show my Caller ID. I have called the same person since being back in the UK and my name and number now appear.


Could this be a roaming issue?



by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: No caller id when dialling from Abroad

Hello @Lm88 possibly yes. It could have been a temporary error affecting either the network you were roaming on or the EE network.


If your number has now started displaying again there should be nothing to worry about. Customer service can check the account if you would like reassurance:



EE Community Support Team

Re: No caller id when dialling from Abroad

Hi @Lm88


Welcome to the community. 🙂


I couldn't have put it better than @tm90 has above. 🙂


When you have an issue like this when roaming, we usually recommend a manual network search and trying another available network.


Just so that you know for next time.



by Valenni

Re: No caller id when dialling from Abroad

I have spoken with EE tech since October, it was fixed for a while and has now started again. My previous networks never had this problem and they would automaticially roam without issue. 


I will try a manual network selection and see what happens. 


Thanks for the advice. 

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