by ParisB

No Network in Iceland

I came into an EE branch to confirm that I would be able to use my data abroad whilst away. I arrived in Iceland a few hours ago and I currently have 'No Service' and no network provider had been provided. Is there any way I can rectify this situation? I am having to pay for wifi by the hour. 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: No Network in Iceland

@ParisB  Login to your online account and wait for a live chat window to pop up you can use this to request roaming and the International call bar to be lifted on your account. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: No Network in Iceland

Hi @ParisB


Thank you for coming to see us in the EE community all the way from Iceland


Apart from the phone problem you are having, I hope you are having a nice vacation and I'm sure with the team qualifying for the world cup, there is a carnival atmosphere and Thunderclaps galore.


When you are preparing for your trip abroad, it is essential that roaming is activated before you go away.


In order to do this, all the information/set-up instructions can be found in our EE roaming - Getting ready to use your phone abroad support article.


I know on this occasion, you were under the impression it was done.  I know it's not working at the moment for you.


However, we can help.


Please take a look at some of the hints, tips and tricks to get activated in our Roaming with EE - What to do if you're having problems abroad support article.


If none of the advice in the support article works, you may have an international bar present.  


This will need account access at this point.


If you are a pay monthly personal EE customer, then log in to My EE and await a chat with an online advisor.


If you can't access this, then please call customer services from an alternative landline or mobile.


Please let me know how you get on.







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