by pipete

No 4G

Just arrived back in Spain for a few weeks hols. Was here before Christmas and everything worked perfectly.  Now I have really poor data signal (H+) wherever I go.  Partner has same phone and same contract but has 4G. Any ideas? 

by Prodigious Contributor
Prodigious Contributor

Re: No 4G



Can you check in settings some option like “enable 4G” for voice and data maybe is set up OFF , should be ON. 

by pipete

Re: No 4G

4G is selected.  I have just manually changed to a different network *Movistar and now have 4G. I can keep doing this every time I'm in a different area I guess until I find which network is strongest but if I select the option which lets it select automatically it goes back to Vodafone and rubbish Internet.  Really don't know why it chooses a poor network when there is clearly a better one available. Never been like this previously and I have travelled to France, Spain,  Belgium and Switzerland with this phone. 


EE Community Support Team

Re: No 4G

Welcome to the community, @pipete.


I'm glad you've managed to get a connection.


I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Spain. 🙂



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