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My replacement phone, received abroad cannot get network coverage.

My iPhone 5c broke when I was in Indonesia but thankfully I have insurance so sent it home so it could be switched. Once done the new one was sent out to me, received in Australia 23/12 however weeks on and now in NZ I still have no network coverage. This is frustrating as I still can't call, message or even whatsapp (as that requires receipt of a confirmation SMS to help authenticate your account - which I can't receive). 


Does anyone know why I cannot get ANY network coverage, not even the interantonal ones (such as Telstra/Voda NZ etc...) and what can be done to resolve it? 




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Re: My replacement phone, received abroad cannot get network coverage.

Hello @stevehales100 sorry to hear your phone is still not working. Try a manual network search by tapping settings>network selection then selecting a network after waiting for the list to load underneath. You can also try a network reset by tapping settings>general>reset>reset network settings (you will have to re-enter WiFi passwords after).

If none of the above work try the SIM in another phone if you can to confirm a line/device/roaming fault. Customer service should be able to help on +447953 966 250 from another phone or if you are a personal pay monthly customer on an EE plan you can also login to MYEE online and click the popup box when available to speak to love chat. 🙂

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