by Seggsy Investigator

My phone isn't working abroad

Whilst in the U.K. I called and requested my phone work when abroad.

im currently in France and unable to make/receive any calls/text.

please help!!!

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: My phone isn't working abroad



try to restart your phone and manual network search will help you.

And dial 0044 before calling and text back to UK.

And also check here Manage your device your roaming on.

Many Thanks 


EE Employee

Re: My phone isn't working abroad

Hi @Seggsy and welcome to the community.


So I can try and help, please may I get you to perform a manual network search and choose a network other than what you are on.


Please also can I get you to try and ring using format of 00447*********


Also, please let me know If you are using an EE personal or business account?


Many thanks,



by Seggsy Investigator

Re: My phone isn't working abroad

Thanks guys


It seems that although I'd called to have my phone work abroad, international calls was still off! Managed to get hold of EE using a different mobile.

Thank you for your replies



EE Community Support Team

Re: My phone isn't working abroad

Glad you are all sorted @Seggsy.


Thanks for coming back and letting us know 🙂


Have a great time!

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