by T129

My calls and texts won't send from the EU

I can receive calls and texts but I am having trouble sending them. EE texted me offering me 500mb of data for £3 per day and I needed to text TRAVEL TO 150 to activate it but lo and behold EE have made me unable to send texts making the task impossible! I can't call 150 because it just takes me to a French lady speaking and I've not a clue what she's saying so someone please help before I throw my phone at a wall.

EE Community Support Team

Re: My calls and texts won't send from the EU

Good morning @T129.


Thank you for coming to the community.


This means you have an international call bar active on your account that we will need to get removed for you.


To do this I have sent you a private message on here with a link to our online chat team.


They can help you with this.


Have a great time 🙂

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