Moving to Australia

Hello guys, so I've recently moved to Australia, I called up EE before leaving to cancel but they said they would add something on so I'd be able to use my plan here, since being here, I've been able to connect to Telstra, I get signal and my 3G sign shows up, I try to text TRAVEL to 150 but that seems to not be working, nothing seems to be working, I just wanna be able to use my phone. 


Would it be better just to cancel (the only reason I didn't want to if because I have a pretty good plan that EE no longer do and what if I don't like AUS after a month or so?)

EE Community Support Team

Re: Moving to Australia

Good morning @ELLIOTJAMES


Thanks for coming to see us in community 🙂


How is Australia?


Have a quick look at our Roaming with EE - What to do if you're having problems abroad support article.


There could be some hints, tips and tricks there to help and get you active.


Let me know how you get on.







by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Moving to Australia

@ELLIOTJAMES  You are time limited on how long you can use your device abroad.  So at some point it will just cut off,  to reset this you’ll need to come back to the UK.  

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