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Moving abroad from UK to Australia



I am on a 4GEE Max Plan and I am moving to Australia soon for a period of time.


I was out visiting in November and I was able to use my data at no additional cost as I am on a Max Plan and Australia is included as part of the list of countries with no roaming charges for Max Plan customers, however I was wondering if there was any limits on this?


For example, can I only use my data etc only for a certain number of days throughout the year before I incur any additional charges?


Or will I be fine to continue paying my contract in full and being able to use my phone as normal out there?


Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Moving abroad from UK to Australia

@esayers55 There is a limit on Max plan usage when abroad, yes.


From the max plan T&C's:


Stable links

We will consider you have a stable link to the UK if you spend at least half of your time during any 4 month period within the UK. If your usage abroad in the EU/EEA/Switzerland exceeds this, you will be alerted by text, and after a 2-week period we may charge you for services you use. Where your usage no longer indicates a risk of abusive or anomalous use we will stop charging you the surcharge. Examples of this are where you stop permanent use and resume periodic use when roaming in the EU. Where we have evidence of organised reselling of our UK SIM cards to persons not residing in or having stable links to the UK we may block the SIM card and roaming services.


The maximum time limit for using a Max plan included allowances abroad is basically 2 months.


EE Max plans are not intended for long term usage abroad unfortunately.

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Re: Moving abroad from UK to Australia

Hi @esayers55,


Welcome to the EE Community.


That's great advice from @Profile closed, please let us know if you have any further questions.





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